Letter Writing 101

Short and Simple is Best

In all your communications to your elected officials on this subject, refer to this legislation as:

Bill C-71, The Firearms Owners Harassment Act

Your letter does not need to be long, detailed or well-written, as this sample letter sent to Ralph Goodale’s office shows.

Dear Minister Goodale;

Withdraw Bill C-71, The Firearms Owners Harassment Act.

Why do you leave violent criminals alone and attack law-abiding citizens instead?

Please respond.


Your Name

Short, simple and to the point. Hand-written is best.

Address Envelope to Minister Goodale

Send your email, snail mail or phone message to:

The Hon. Ralph Goodale, P.C., M.P.

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

Telephone: 613-947-1153

Fax: 613-996-9790

Email: ralph.goodale@parl.gc.ca

Always Request a Response

Always request a response from the recipient. Yes, you will probably receive a canned response, but this forces the Minister's office staff to deal with you, if only for five minutes.

Carbon Copy Your Letter To These MPs

Send a carbon copy of every letter you write to the following Members of Parliament, postage-free to each MP at: 

House of Commons 

Ottawa, Ontario Canada  K1A 0A6

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The man pushing this legislation through the House of Commons and limiting debate in his effort to minimize opposition to Bill C-71.

Marc Serré, M.P.

Chair of the National Liberal Rural Caucus. He needs to know Bill C-71 will cost rural Liberal MPs their seats in the next election.

Bob Zimmer, M.P.

Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Outdoors Caucus. When Garry Breitkreuz retired, Bob Zimmer took over.  He is tracking opposition to the bill to assist his colleagues in the Conservative shadow cabinet.

Gudie Hutchings, M.P.

Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Outdoors Caucus. She is an important conduit to send the message this bill will cost the Liberal Party seats in the next election.

Larry Bagnell, M.P.

When Garry Breitkreuz founded the Parliamentary Outdoor Caucus he asked Yukon MP Larry Bagnell to co-chair the caucus with him. Bagnell is another Liberal MP who follows the gun control issue closely, as it affects him directly and cost him the 2011 election. He is also one of the MPs who won his seat by less than 5% of the votes in 2015.

Wayne Easter, M.P.

The former Solicitor General of Canada knows the value of rural Canadians.

“We haven't learned as the Liberal party, if you're going to form, if you're going to develop policy if you're going to implement policy, you have to form government. And we need rural Canada in our camp. And I can tell you gun control cost us in rural Canada at least 60 seats.”[http://www.cpac.ca/en/programs/cpac-special/episodes/90002961/]

Always Carbon Copy Your M.P.

Always include your own M.P. in your communication, regardless of political affiliation. Even better, write a short letter of explanation to your MP when you include a copy of your letter to Minister Goodale

Find your M.P. here: 


Write One New Letter Every Week

Fifteen minutes per week is a small price to pay to defend your guns. That's all it takes to write a short letter, address eight envelopes and send it to everyone on this list.

Use the Talking Points found on the front page to write one short letter every week to express your displeasure with Bill C-71, The Firearms Owners Harassment Act.

This ongoing flood of letters from our community shows the government our opposition to this legislation will not go away.

One letter every week tells Justin Trudeau that Bill C-71, The Firearms Owners Harassment Act, will cost him the only thing he cares about: seats in the House of Commons.