Phone Call Friday

A Simple Call To Action

Phone Call Friday is a weekly call to action that grew out of an infographic Nicholas Johnson, the owner of, posted on Friday, April 13, 2018. The goal was to flood Ralph Goodale’s constituency office with phone calls opposed to Bill C-71. 

It was successful beyond his wildest dreams. 

Call Ralph Goodale Every Friday

Call Ralph Goodale at his Regina Constituency Office, (306) 585-2202, to Stop Bill C-71.

After you make your call, use the hashtag #PhoneCallFriday on Twitter and Facebook to let others know and encourage them to call too.

Sample Script

“Hello, my name is __________________ from [City, Province]. I’m calling to record my opposition to Bill C-71.  [Optional: 1-2 short reasons.]

Thank you.”

> This takes less than 60 seconds <

Call Again Next Week posts a reminder every Friday morning, calling on those opposed to Bill C-71 to call Minister Goodale’s constituency office and express their displeasure with this legislation.

Make The Call.

Tell Your Friends To Make The Call Too.

Used with permission.

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