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Now more than ever, it is critical to write every member of the Senate to express your views on Bill C-71.

We must ensure every Senator knows how we feel about this legislation and why piling more restrictions on those who don’t commit crime will never stop those who do.

If we expect politicians to fight for us, we must prove we’re worth the time.

Write an original letter to every Senator. Form letters won’t cut it. Senators tell us that repeatedly. Write your own unique letter and send it by email or Canada Post.

Then encourage all your friends to write their own letter and mail it, too.

Our fight is not won or lost in a single day, be it Election Day or any other. It is won or lost by how hard we’re willing to fight for what we believe, each and every day.

We sent every Senator a paperback copy of The Bill C-71 Book in early July. In your letter, ask each Senator to read that book from cover to cover. If they do so, they will know more about this legislation that most MPs who voted for it.

This book details the many faults of the legislation and explains the unexpected consequences of the worst parts of it.

But that’s not enough. Yes, we work tirelessly to communicate with politicians, but we need your help to lend weight to our message. To that end, here are three ways to make your voice heard at the Senate level.

1. Write a Letter to Every Senator

Your letter to the Senate does not need to be long and involved. It does, however, need to be original. Form letters do not make a positive impact.

“I notice that on this bill as with others, we receive the same e-mail several times from different people. In my opinion, these form e-mails are not very effective. In my view at least, I far prefer when a citizen writes their own text to express their ideas,” Senator Pratte said during his interview with

Explain, simply and clearly, what you believe is wrong with this legislation and send an email copy to every Senator.

Better yet, contact the Senators for your province and urge them to scrap Bill C-71 or, at the very least, amend the bill as suggested by Blaine Calkins and Glen Motz during the House SECU Committee meetings.

If you find letter writing an unpleasant or difficult task, use a section from The Bill C-71 Book to make your point. If you have not done so already, download your free copy from The book provides many examples of why Bill C-71 is bad legislation. Copy your favourite example into the body of your letter and send it to every Senator in the upper chamber.

We’re also told email is better than sending a physical letter.

For a complete list of every Senator and their email address, visit

For your convenience, here are links to the Senate contact list in Open Document and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet formats.

If you prefer to mail physical letters, address your letter to each Senator in this format:

[Name of Senator], Senator
The Senate of Canada
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A4

Senate Committee Still Unknown


Unfortunately, we still don’t know which committee will hold hearings on Bill C-71. The Bill’s sponsor, Senator André Pratte, sits on the Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs (LCJC). When contacted, the Senate said the decision had not been made yet, but the staffer said he believed the Standing Committee on National Security and Defence (SECD) would take on Bill C-71.

As soon as we know, we will provide you contact information for the chair, vice-chairs and members of the committee is responsible.

2. The Tone of Your Letter is Important


While it may feel therapeutic to send angry letters to politicians about bad law like Bill C-71, those letters only re-enforce the stereotype of gun owners as angry and dangerous. They do not influence anyone the way we want.

To make a positive impact, we must write thoughtful letters with polite, yet firm language. Be honest when you express how this law will affect you and your family and be respectful.

A polite and respectful tone gives your letter a far greater chance of being heard, and therefore, deliver the results we want.

Use the lists above to send your email directly to each Senator.

3. Encourage Your Friends to Get Involved too

Politics is a team sport and no single group or person can win this fight on their own. If you own a gun, no matter what kind, this battle for our rights and our property affects you.

Some say, “Bill C-71 is a done deal. The Liberals control the Senate. This is a just waste of time.”

Perhaps. But elections are not won or lost on Election Day. They are won or lost by the actions we take every day in between.

Yes, we can sit back, wring our hands and do nothing. If we do, we’ll get exactly what we deserve – legislation that strips us of our rights and our property.

Here at the CSSA, we cannot and will not sit idly by while government chips away at our freedoms. That’s why we sponsored The Bill C-71 Book and sent paperback copies of it to every single Senator. It’s why we meet with senators on a regular basis, to educate them about what this law really means, not what the Prime Minister says.

But our efforts rely upon Senators hearing from you, the gun owner directly impacted by this legislation.

Download your free copy of The Bill C-71 Book from Then write your letter and send it to every Senator, preferably by email.

Your children and grandchildren will thank you.